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For Your Reception ~ the Ever-Popular

"Gift Card Holders"


Small Ivory Birdcage

Satin Hope Chest

Small White Birdcage

Treasure Chest

Large Birdcage

Tassel Chest

Large Appliqué Cube

Wooden Church

Tall Column Acrylic Cube

Moiré Rosette Church

Cherub Pedestal Acrylic Cube

Butterfly Cube w/Pedestal

Rhinestone Bow Acrylic Cube

Rhinestone Mailbox

Satin Wedding Cake - 2 Tier

Sequin Appliqué Mailbox

Moiré Wedding Cake - 3 Tier

Moiré Mailbox

Lace Wishing Well

Keyed Moiré Mailbox

Floral Wishing Well

Cinderella Carriage

Golf Bag

Cinderella Carriage w/Horses



Our Eye-Catching and Unique

"Confetti Fountains"


Candy Hearts


Silver Champagne Bottle

Gold Champagne Bottle

Wedding Cake


Miscellaneous Party Rentals


Baby Bottle

Bridal Shower Umbrellas



* all rental items subject to availability

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