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Hello, My name is Kevin DeSchaaf. I have been working for Tone Productions for over 12 years and have entertained for all types of people and parties in that span. I began working as a Disc Jockey in college and now work for Tone Productions on the weekends, while working in sales during the week.

The reason why I have been continuing to work as a DJ is for the sheer enjoyment of the job. I love the way that a Wedding Reception or a party feels when the guests attending love the music and dance all night. I like to play every style of music while entertaining because I feel that everyone can have a great time with each other with a great mix of music. People come to a Wedding Reception to have fun and I love watching that happen. However, my job as a Tone Productions DJ is not just playing music to make people dance it's also making sure that people and objects are in the right places at the right times so that everything runs smoothly throughout the evening. Simple things like champagne glasses being filled for the toasts, lights being dimmed for dancing and ensuring that events are going to occur “on time” help make everything seem just right.

I think that the most underrated aspect of having a Tone Productions DJ at your wedding is that there is a genuine concern to make everything perfect, from start to finish, and not solely on the dance floor. After all, why should a Bride or Groom have to worry about anything on that day? We’ll take care of it.

-- Kevin


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